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Best Co-Parenting Apps

Best Apps To Help With Co-Parenting

Parents who struggle with keeping up with their visitation schedule and issues communicating with their ex can benefit from using apps that are designed to make co-parenting easier.


Here are apps you can use to improve your co-parenting relationship after your divorce.


If you and your ex struggle with time management, WeParent is a great co-parenting app that is designed for divorced and separated parents. This app allows you to manage your custody and visitation schedule, make appointments, send group messages to your private family groups, make lists to share, and more.

Our Family Wizard

Our Family Wizard is one of the most popular apps that was made specifically for co-parents. It was created by a divorced couple, who, like some co-parents, needed a better way to communicate with each other. You and your ex can benefit from this app in many ways, but one of the coolest things about this app is that information stored in your app can be used in court.


This app keeps a log of communication, allows you to share information, keep track of parenting time, and more. Unlike the other apps mentioned on this list, Our Family Wizard is a paid app, however, this app has an abundance of useful tools that are well worth the cost.


If you’re looking for an app that makes it easy to create and share calendars with your ex and other family members, Co-Parenta would possibly be a good fit for you. This app has a cool feature where you can print out your calendar as a PDF, so you and your ex can have a physical copy of your visitation schedule.


Although this app wasn’t specifically made for co-parenting, Cozi has become a popular app for parents. Cozi is a free scheduling app you can use to make a calendar that you and your ex can use to schedule visitation, create to-do lists, share pictures of your kids, and more.

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