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Under the United States Constitution, you have the legal right to obtain legal representation in the presence of law enforcement. Additionally, if you are accused of a crime to the point you are facing a conviction, it’s important you have an attorney by your side who can effectively represent and protect your rights and interests. At Bass & Tigner, P.C., our Angleton criminal defense lawyers will work closely with you to build a strong case strategy.

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The Texas Criminal Process

The state of Texas takes criminal proceedings seriously. For this reason, there are a number of steps each case goes through before a final decision can be reached.

These steps include:

  1. An investigation by law enforcement
  2. The issuance of a search warrant that allows the investigators to look for evidence at a location
  3. The interrogation of witnesses and suspects to help investigators gain clarity of the crime
  4. If investigators are able to find probable cause to arrest a suspect, they will do so
  5. After the arrest, law enforcement will determine whether to press charges or not
  6. If law enforcement determined to press charges, will arraign the accused where they are told the charges and asked to submit a plea bargain
  7. The trial process will begin. At this stage, a criminal defense attorney is brought in to negotiate a plea bargain or agreement concerning a possible plea deal
  8. If a plea arrangement cannot be reached, the matter will go to trial where the evidence and witnesses are presented to a court. During this process, the judge or jury will determine whether the defendant is guilty or not
  9. If the defendant is found guilty, they may choose to appeal the decision

If you are found guilty of a crime in Texas, the punishment could vary depending on the severity of your crime. The help of an Angleton criminal defense attorney can not only explain the consequences of your crime, but help you understand your legal options.

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